Services We Offer

Discard your prior experiences with physician office visits; they just won't compare to what you'll experience with IMG.  Because we offer a comprehensive range of services right in our office, you'll find that staying healthy is more convenient than ever!

Newly renovated facility – Our beautiful, relaxing treatment and exam rooms are designed with optimum comfort and convenience in mind.

Imaging equipment – Chest x-rays and Bone Densitometry can be performed in-office by licensed technologists.

In-house laboratory - We can draw blood and quickly analyze it in our own certified laboratory or,  if your insurance requires, send it to the appropriate reference lab.

Advanced treatment room – We're able to provide same-day acute care services including administration of IVs for treatment of dehydration.

EKG – Our 12-lead electrocardiogram enables us to quickly monitor your heart's activity.

Echocardiogram and Carotid Doppler - Unless otherwise needed ASAP, these tests are performed every other week in our office by a licensed technologist.

Treadmill stress testing –  With the ability to perform treadmill stress testing, we can obtain a more complete view of heart function.

Spirometer – This device provides a measure of lung function and is particularly useful for monitoring asthmatic patients.

Adult immunizations - We've got you covered.  All routine immunizations are administered in the office.